It is time to clear the shop!  I am sitting on my bum all day writing my thesis so I thought it was time to get you some treats. When I am finished with my semester I will have more time to spend on my artistry.

As I already have seen  Xmas ornaments in stores, I will not put any Santa related items in my shop at all. My website will not join the hysteria this year.

So… go and check out my artworks.Take a chance to grab something you like. Remember, if you live on Aland you do not have to pay any shipping. You can come by and pick it up. You will also get your artwork framed. I have made the decision not to frame my art for international costumers, as I realized the frames often got ruined during shipment. It is noooo fun receiving a damaged item. I am looking into durable frames and I hope to solve this problem.

In my Etsy store Wallifyer I have listed a collection of printable xmas cards for those who love or NOT love xmas. Warning, this store is not totally Santa free! Just click on the banner at the bottom of the page and you will safely get there!


Lots of hugs!






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