Thank you all for a year full of support and love. 2016 has been a challenging year when the world turned really nasty on us. I am really touched by your kind words and interactions it makes me want to keep on creating. I am already working on a new series of artworks, now in acrylics that I will show in 2017. The theme is male primacy and it will be fun but yet disturbing. You will meet my Manspainers on the center stage talking and talking about stuff we already know too well. Try to keep your eyes open, do not fall asleep while the fat man sings.

I also want to thank all of you that visited the exhibition ”Julkalender 2017” at Galleri Skarpans in Mariehamn. I hope my Panopticism did not ruin your Christmas spirit. I think we have too many issues in the world right now that really has to be addressed, so I threw in a politically fatigued Santa-Mansplainer. Well, you know me by now I guess. No time for formalities and mainstreaming.




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