I love creating art and designing printables (when I am not working as an art historian or illustrator). If I am not in my studio or chasing my sons, I am probably walking my black Lab Otto or lying on the couch watching Netflix series.

Thank you all for a year full of support and love. 2016 has been a challenging year when the world turned really nasty on us. I am really touched by your kind words and interactions it makes me want to keep on creating. I am already working on a new series of artworks, now in […]

It is time to clear the shop!  I am sitting on my bum all day writing my thesis so I thought it was time to get you some treats. When I am finished with my semester I will have more time to spend on my artistry. As I already have seen  Xmas ornaments in stores, […]

Art Friday 2.9 | Open studios 3-4.9 12-18 p.m. For the ninth year in a row the Art Circuit (Konstrundan) opens the doors to artists, craftsmen and designers along the West and South coast of Finland. The Art Circuit offers you the opportunity to get to know art and the people behind the art in […]

Yes, now I am one of ”them”… 😀 I sell my digital artprints on Etsy.com. Follow my shop Wallifyer if you want to! I have no clue what I have got myself into this time. I just wanted to try out the platform. I have no experience with it at all. I have a few more […]

The preparations for the upcoming exhibition has begun. I will hang it on Thursday. As usual, I became ill on Sunday, so I have not been doing much in the creative department – just editing a few photos. It will probably be good anyway. Or, rather, it is what it is. As usual there are […]

Viral hate is just so low. Things you do not dare to say in person, you should just keep to yourself. Period. I did not have time to take a decent pic of the illu, this is a screenshot from the paper it was published in. The summer is taking it’s toll… 😀 Näthat är […]

Today I got photoprints of my beloved Achipelago from the printshop. The pink colour is really uplifting and bright. I wanted to exaggerate the red granite of Åland. I hope you like it! Enjoy the summer and take care of each other. Photoprint Archipelago    

Welcome to my webshop! I hope you like it. I will upload more artworks and products as I go, so remember to fill in the ”Follow” (”Följ”) button. Don´t be afraid of the download app popup, just skip it and you will be able to fill in your e-mail to get updates. Visit and follow […]

Nå, nu blev det fel text i Ålandstidningen till min illu. 🙂 Det är sommar och det händer sånt under sommaren. Så jag förstår om de som såg bilden inte förstod så mycket skratt. Nå, det är ju huvudsaken att folk tänker, så ingen skada skedd. Bilden visar ”Man in the Mirror”, alltså mannen i […]

Jag visar mitt konstverk Er närvaro irriterar mig tillsammans men många andra fina konstverk av konstföreningens medlemmar på Sommarsalongen 2016. Mitt konstverk är ett konceptkonstverk där den irritation (som den troligen genererar) gör den komplett. Prissättningen är olika för män och kvinnor baserat på den löneskillnad som ÅSUB presenterade i sin lönestatistik för 2014. En kvinna […]