OldnewsAs a non-conformist artist, I dive into a world of symbolism and social critique. I use various forms of media in order to get my point across. Instead of turning my artistic focus inwards, I tend to look outwards and focus on the community surrounding us. I oppose the obsolete aesthetic ideals of what beauty or taste may be presented as. My art is anything but high culture, and that is precisely how I want it to be.

If you pay attention, you will meet the center of the Universe – the Smartphone.

I play with stereotypes and my art is often thrown between notions of femininity and masculinity. I hide the current cold war of stereotypes behind a curtain of sweet harmonies and illusions of compliance. I do commissions if they are for a good and honest cause. As an Art Historian (Master of Art / Uppsala University) I focus on gender studies in relation to art and culture.